Community Corner

United Community Schools

We are proud to be part of the United Community Schools network. As a Community School, we are here to serve our families and support our students’ learning, physical health, social, and emotional needs.

The goal of United Community Schools is to improve learning outcomes by addressing the educational, emotional, social, and health issues that can stand in the way of learning. Schools in the UCS network provide additional supports for students and families including:

  • Early literacy programs
  • Family events and workshops
  • Assistance to help families connect to community resources, including those families living in temporary housing

We have licensed Social Workers and Students in Temporary Housing (STH) Community Coordinators on staff to support these programs.

Virtual Amazon School Supply Drive

As the world around us continues to change more rapidly and radically than ever, life as we know it looks and feels different.  

Prior to the pandemic, our student body and their families faced daily hardships. Now, the majority of our students and their families have experienced even more loss and hardship due to COVID-19, job reduction, job loss, and the loss of loved ones. 
We want to help our students and families have the tools they need for the unpredictable school year ahead, which is why we are hosting a virtual school supply drive  --and we are seeking help from supporters near and far! Our school is a school filled with diamonds in the rough--beautifully bright little minds surrounded by rough circumstances. For this reason, we continue to reach out and build community partnerships and alliances, so that we can provide all of the tools, resources and support to our scholars helping them to shine bright...and this is why we are calling on you! 
When you purchase from our Amazon wish list, all purchases will be shipped directly to the school, and will be given out to students and families at the start of the school year. 
Please share this list with your family, friends, colleagues and anyone else that would like to support us. Thank you!
Here is a link to our P.S. 52 Queens school supplies drive list It will be active until August 24th, 2020.